Job Description- Theatre Nurse


Position Title:      Theatre Nurse

Reports to:         Theatre Manager

Responsible to:     Directors and CEO

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Registration with the Nursing Board of Tasmania as a qualified Registered or Enrolled Nurse.
  • Theatre experience preferred but not essential.


  • Good interpersonal skills with patients and other staff members.
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of motivation.
  • To have the ability to access and implement changes where necessary.

Mode of Dress:

  • Theatre attire as directed.
  • Well groomed and identified by The Eye Hospital’s name badge.

Award:    The Eye Hospital Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2012

Hours of Work:    As required

Specific Skills/Qualities:

  • Demonstrates accountability for own practice
  • Knowledge of principles of peri-operative nursing and infection control
  • Knowledge of legal requirements, handling of S8 drugs , documentation
  • Demonstrates commitment to professional development
  • Ability to make sound independent clinical judgements
  • Awareness of workplace safety act
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001:2008 & NSQHS Standards and quality improvement program
  • Renewal of annual practising certificate


  • Contributes to the delivery of quality patient care during the peri-operative phase in accordance with the policies of The Eye Hospital and legal requirements
  • Ability to work independently, provide direction to other staff
  • Understand the role of the E.N
  • Assumes responsibility and collaborates with team members to ensure operating lists run efficiently
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of legislation pertinent to the operating room ensures standards in relation to surgical counts are adhered to
  • Promotes a safe working environment with due regard to explosion hazard, bomb hazard, electrical equipment and fire
  • Ensures compliance with the facilities policy and procedures
  • Participates in trials and evaluation of new products and equipment
  • Assumes responsibility for efficient utilization of resources
  • Participates in regular unit meetings
  • Facilitates effective communication within the operating room, reception and the greater health care team
  • Participates in development and revision of policies and procedures
  • Cognisant with legal implications of documentation
  • Contributes to the learning experience of colleagues
  • Evaluates own work practice by participation in staff appraisals
  • Participates in quality improvement
  • The nurse demonstrates competency, knowledge and skills based on ACORN standards to perform required duties. These include:

Scrub Nurse:

  • Functions as a member of the health care team
  • Facilitates effective communication with the team
  • Confirm patient identification, consent and perform “time out” as per policy
  • Ensure instruments for procedure are available and sterile
  • Scrub in accordance to acorn standards
  • Prepare surgical setup immediately prior to commencement of procedure
  • Perform surgical count with circulating nurse as per acorn standards
  • Anticipate needs of surgeon
  • Ensure aseptic technique is adhered to
  • Adhere to safety requirements to prevent injury to patients and staff
  • Ensure legal documentation is complete
  • Ensures waste / disposables are handled in the correct manner

Anaesthetic Nurse:

  • Functions as a member of the health care team
  • Facilitates effective communication
  • Provides dedicated assistance to the anaesthetist
  • Confirms patient identification, correct operative site, valid consent, allergies, fasting status and medical and surgical history
  • Ensures anaesthetic equipment is available and functional
  • Remain with the patient prior to and during induction
  • Provides appropriate explanations
  • Assists with positioning of patient
  • Monitors clinical responses
  • Assists and anticipates needs of the anaesthetist
  • Is aware of safety precautions to prevent injury

Circulating Nurse:

  • Functions as a member of the health care team
  • Facilitates effective communication
  • Confirms patient identification, valid consent, allergies, fasting status
  • Ensures availability of necessary equipment, instruments and sterile stock
  • Performs surgical count with scrub nurse as per ACORN standards and ensures documentation is complete
  • Monitors aseptic technique throughout procedure
  • Is aware of safety requirements to prevent injury to patients and staff
  • Liaise with the greater health care team/ reception
  • Ensures comprehensive handover to recovery nurse

Recovery Room Nurse:

  • Functions as a member of the health care team
  • Facilitates effective communication
  • Is familiar with the area, emergency equipment and protocols
  • Competent in airway management
  • Seeks support and advice for medical assistance as required
  • Receives verbal handover from scout and anaesthetist
  • Monitors and responds to clinical needs
  • Assess pain relief and ensures prompt administration of analgesia
  • Documents on recovery chart all observations
  • Ensure appropriate   handover on discharge


  • Maintain strict confidentiality in relation to all matters pertaining to the organisation’s activities and objectives.       Failure to observe this requirement may be regarded as misconduct and will be dealt with according to the employee confidentiality agreement.

Staff Appraisal:

  • A formal performance appraisal shall be completed with the Theatre Manager after three months employment and annually thereafter.